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A Legacy of
Quality & Sustainability


Our Journey Begins

Our journey began over a century ago, in 1906, when Dr. Albert John O’Meehan recognized the potential of the land at Daniel’s Well Farm, nestled in the foothills of the stunning Stirling Ranges, Western Australia. This vision was realized and expanded by generations of the O’Meehan family, culminating in the establishment of Stirling Ranges Beef by A O’Meehan & Co, a legacy built on the principles of sustainable farming and ethical practices.

Core Values and Commitment

Our core values are deeply rooted in the commitment to excellence, sustainability, and animal welfare, values that have been meticulously preserved and handed down through four generations. We are dedicated to producing superior quality beef through practices that ensure the welfare of our livestock, respect for the land, and the satisfaction of our customers.

Ethical Practices and Sustainability

Our ethical practices are guided by the Five Freedoms of animal welfare, ensuring our cattle enjoy a life free from discomfort, hunger, and fear. This compassionate approach is reflected in the quality of our beef, which is produced from Angus and Angus cross breeds known for their superior genetics. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our cattle, encompassing the entire ecosystem of our farm. We cultivate our land to grow nutritious crops that feed our herds, ensuring a closed-loop system that minimises waste and maximises the health of our livestock and the land they graze on.

118 Years of Stirling Ranges Beef



Acquisition of Daniel’s Well Farm

Dr. Albert John O’Meehan acquires Daniel’s Well Farm, marking the inception of a century-long tradition of excellence in farming. This pivotal moment sets the stage for sustainable and ethical farming practices that would define the legacy of Stirling Ranges Beef.


Partnership with Woolworths

The O’Meehan family, led by Paul and his father, expands operations to Bremer Bay. This expansion lays the foundation of a 40-plus-year relationship with Woolworths, supplying milk-fed calves and signaling a new era of growth and collaboration.


Construction of the Feedlot

A significant expansion occurs with the construction of a feedlot at the Stirling Ranges, enhancing our capacity to 5,000 head. This period also marks the beginning of our integration into grain and fodder production, ensuring a closed-loop, sustainable farming practice. This strategic move underscores our commitment to sustainable beef production and environmental stewardship.


Evolution of Stirling Ranges Beef

A transformative era for the O’Meehan family sees the division of farming operations, the establishment of Butterfield Beef, and the eventual rebranding to Stirling Ranges Beef. This period reflects our deep connection to the land and our unwavering commitment to quality, culminating in the recognition of Stirling Ranges Beef as a multi-award-winning brand. The rebranding to Stirling Ranges Beef in 2017, incorporating the location into the brand name, highlights our pride in our heritage and the exceptional quality of our beef.


A Century of Sustainable Farming

From the visionary beginnings at Daniel’s Well to the multi-award-winning operations of today, Stirling Ranges Beef stands as a testament to our family’s enduring dedication to quality, sustainability, and the welfare of our livestock. Through the integration of modern practices with traditional values, we continue to honor the legacy of our ancestors, striving to produce the finest beef in the most responsible and ethical manner.

Our relationship with Woolworths, spanning over 40 years, and our expansion into grain and fodder production, exemplify our commitment to growth and innovation within the framework of our founding principles. Today, as we look to the future, we remain steadfast in our dedication to the land, our cattle, and our community, continuing to set new standards in the industry for quality and sustainability.

Our Team

Paul O'Meehan

Paul was born in Gnowangerup and is has farmed the family land for over 40 years. He raised his family here at Daniel’s Well and continues to carry on the legacy of his great-grandfather with continuing enthusiasm and zeal to steward the land and grow the cropping business and beef brand. Paul’s adult children Holly and Michael are pursuing their careers in the city. Outside the farm Paul loves to connect with friends over a run and swim at Middleton Beach and is a volunteer at the local park run, and enjoys camping and travelling with his partner MJ.

Isaac Baum

Cropping Manager
Our cropping manager Isaac lives and breathes family, farming and, during the winter months, football. Isaac and wife Brodie, along with sons Hudson and Corbyn and baby number 3 shortly to arrive, have been with us for three years and Isaac leads his team with excellence and a wealth of knowledge gleaned from his farming background. He embraces new technologies and has a passion to grow the business in all aspects. Outside of work Isaac loves to spend time with his family and also supports wife Brodie’s wedding enterprises The Bib Approach and Salt Cove, Bremer Bay.

Brett Page

Feedlot Manager
Brett along with his young family came to the farm in January 2008. Before starting with A O’Meehan & Co, Brett was livestock manager for a cattle feedlot in northern NSW. Prior to that, Brett worked at feedlots and mixed farming enterprises in Queensland and NSW. Brett has worked in the feedlotting industry since 1998 and we consider ourselves very fortunate to have Brett at the helm of our Stirling Ranges Beef feedlot here at the farm. Outside of work, Brett enjoys riding his motocross bike. Brett’s wife Laura resides at the farm and their children Bill and Rosie are at university in Perth.
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