Paul O’Meehan & Greg Ryan: A Lasting Partnership Forged in Quality

At Stirling Ranges Beef, our roots run deep not only in the land we farm but also in the connections we foster within our community. The partnership between Paul O’Meehan and Greg Ryan of Ryan’s Quality Meats exemplifies the strength that comes from shared values and a dedication to quality. Their relationship, spanning many years, has grown into one of the most successful alliances in Western Australia’s agricultural and food industry.

A Partnership Built on Excellence

The relationship began when Greg Ryan, recognising the exceptional quality of the beef Paul was supplying, sought to secure more of this premium product for his butchery. What started as a straightforward business interaction soon evolved into a profound friendship based on mutual respect and a shared vision. Together, they have never faced a disagreement, a testament to their harmonious approach to business and life. Their commitment to delivering consistently high-quality beef has not only satisfied customers but also earned them the title of Woolworths Supplier of the Year for 2023 in the Meat & Seafood division.

Rooted in Tradition and Respect

Both hailing from backgrounds rich in agricultural tradition, Greg and Paul carry on the legacy of their fathers, who instilled in them a love for the land and the trade. In 2019, they launched “Our Dad’s Shiraz” to honour their fathers’ lifelong dedication to agriculture and family. This wine features Denis Ryan and Tony O’Meehan on the label, symbolising the blend of family values and business acumen that both men inherited and now cherish.

This partnership underscores a shared belief that great products come from great relationships. The success of Stirling Ranges Beef and Ryan’s Quality Meats is built on this foundation, reflecting their combined decades of expertise and passion for the meat industry.

Join Us in Celebrating Our Heritage

Our journey is not just about producing quality beef but also about celebrating the relationships that make our work worthwhile. To discover more about our partnership and the impact we’ve made together, visit our website. Join us as we continue to celebrate and build on the legacy of quality and friendship at the heart of Stirling Ranges Beef.


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