From Farm to Film: Supporting “Frederickstown”

Stirling Ranges Beef: Embarking on a Cinematic Journey with Local Talent

“Paul, there’s a bloke who wants to have a coffee with you,” was how it all started, thanks to our buddy Jon Doust, a well-known author and fellow Southern Salty swimmer. Always game for a good chat, Paul and I found ourselves at our local favorite, Naked Bean in Albany, to meet this mysterious visitor. Little did we know, this casual coffee was about to launch us into the captivating world of filmmaking, courtesy of Adam Morris and his latest project, “Frederickstown.”

Adam, a storyteller at heart with three films under his belt, has this unique ability to weave together compelling narratives and assemble talented teams. His vision? To spotlight the Great Southern through cinema, creating a hub for creativity right here in our backyard. Joining Adam’s initiative felt right, and before we knew it, we were all in, supporting his 2023 movie alongside other local businesses.

Stars, Stories, and Stirling Ranges Beef

What an adventure it’s been! From delivering lunches to the set and mingling with stars like Myles Pollard and Peter Rowsthorn, to sharing laughs with Trevor Jamieson, every moment has been a mix of privilege and sheer fun. And, guess what? Turns out Trevor and Paul both hail from Gnowangerup, a stone’s throw from our farm. Small world, isn’t it?

Our involvement wasn’t just about sponsorships. MJ whipped up her signature slow-cooked beef brisket for the crew, and on one special Sunday, we fired up the BBQ on York Street, serving our SRB scotch fillet burgers. The verdict from Myles Pollard? “That’s the best burger I’ve ever eaten.” And, as the cherry on top, MJ’s homemade brownies, muffins, and friands became a hit, with local culinary hero, Tash from We’ve Done the Cooking, also pitching in.

This whole experience has been more than just a foray into film; it’s been a celebration of community, creativity, and the simple joy of sharing a good meal. We’re buzzing with excitement for what’s next in Albany’s burgeoning movie scene and, who knows, you might just spot one of us in Adam’s next film. Stay tuned!

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